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In August of this year we announced a competition for students at the schools involved in our Books to the North program to write their own poems with the theme of ‘my home’. Many of the students from these schools responded with amazing pieces of work, vividly describing the places they call home!

Of all the great entries, we have put together the list of winners – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. A deep thank you to everyone who wrote an entry for the competition!

Senior Class, Purnululu Independent School

Darnell Sing

Belyuen, my home

I’m coming back to you

When my weeks hit the gravel road it feels like I belong.

My place is calling me, turquoise, sparkly water shining into my eyes.

The waves crashing on the sand, goosebumps up my arms is a good sign.

Red and orange sunset by the seaside, seagulls gliding over my head.

The sea breeze blowing into my nose, smelling the saltwater.

I miss my country

My skin, my dreaming, my identity,

My Belonging!





Yo yo yo

Warmun is a place where people get along.

Everyday we get up and go to school.

We learn and have fun with my brothers and sisters.

Year, year, year,

We love playing footy and basketball.

We go out on country,

Out the back track.

We unpack the car,

We look for bush tucker.

When we finish we go for a swim,

It is beautiful, it is cold,

I never want to get out.

After we have a feed,

We pack up the car and head back home.

Listen up my family!

Stop fighting and stop the drinking.

think about your kids and old people.

Look after your people, love and take care of them.

And think about your land, we we can get together forever,

everyday and night.

I love my people, do you too?

Glorious Home

Marcus White

Mum’s cooking smelling good

Playing games outside

Watching TV

Laughter exploding my brain

Memories flashing in my head

Sun fading

Moon creeping upwards

Bagot community keeping us safe

Cold in the night

Hot in the morning

Trees are whistling

Jets are flying in the air like a hawk

Smell of sweetness

Eyes are sprinkling with wonder

Grass is soft, dogs barking

Glorious home!

My Home

Marius Frith


Kalkarindji is my home.

Kalkarindji has red sand big hills and a big bridge.

Kalkarindji feels calm and safe.

Kalkarindji is fun I play with friends.

We go swimming and fishing.

Out there we speak Gurindji, we follow old law, we do ceremony.

The old people teach us right way the culture is very strong for the people.

In Kalkarindji we celebrate Freedom Day.

When we got out land back our people walked off.

They walked from the hills across the bridge down the river.

When they got to the river the old people said we stop here.

We will stay here forever.


Anita Cooper-Palmer



Big hills in the distance

How wind blowing

Feeling relaxed

Humongous rocks like alien ships

Bush talking

Better than home

The red and orange sand

Burning on my feet

Bindi-Eye prickles

Stinging me


Freezing at night

Shivering in blankets

Sun rise like a new world beginning

Mparntwe (Alice Springs)