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At The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation, we have a number of fantastic businesses and organisations that provide us with support and services we simply can’t fulfil ourselves. Without the generosity of these organisations, we would struggle to assist as many young Indigenous children as we do.

One such organisation that we would like to acknowledge is IntelliMail International, based in Fairfield, Melbourne. IntelliMail International have provided us with pro bono warehouse space for book storage since November 2014. This very generous gift of free space has enabled us to save a sizeable sum of money on rent, which has helped us divert much needed funding into our Books for Learning program.

The Books for Learning program provides literacy resources to help enhance reading and learning at home by encouraging children to read, and also parents to read with their children. This gives children the building blocks to ensure they have the best chance at success.

We get hundreds of requests for support through our Books for Learning program every year, from Indigenous community groups, schools, childcare and medical centres, and families in remote areas. This new storage space makes it much easier for us to clean, categorize and sort donated books into age groups, before they are sent out to their new homes.

You can learn more about IntelliMail International by visiting http://www.intellimail.com.au/. If you would like to learn more about our Books for Learning program, please click here.

Intellimail International

Intellimail International