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Books for Learning feature

Simply, we couldn’t imagine a child without books to read. It is recognized that exposure to books in early childhood is a key indicator for literacy success.

The Books for Learning program provides literacy resources to help enhance reading and learning at home by encouraging children to read, and also parents to read with their children. This gives children the building blocks to ensure they have the best chance at success.

The positive feedback that we have received from students, parents and school teachers reinforces that children who have never had access to good reading material make more rapid progress when they get to read their own new books.

Parents, teachers, carers, community groups and government organisations that have Indigenous children in their care can partake in the Books for Learning program. The program is a free service; there is no cost involved for ordering or postage of the books.

You can also place an order for sets of our Healthy Living Series through this program. The Healthy Living Series are designed as early readers (for children aged 4 – 8 years), but are also ideal for older students who are struggling with their reading skills.