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The recent flooding in Queensland and New South Wales has had devastating impacts on the affected communities. While the loss of homes and possessions is particularly awful, damage to schools, libraries and other community services have also been widely reported.

Indigenous communities in Lismore and the Northern Rivers regions of NSW have also been particularly affected. Some schools have been completely gutted by the flooding. In one case, the 180 residents of Cabbage Tree Island were forced to evacuate as flooding swept through the tightknit Indigenous community.

“It’s gone totally over the school even though that’s on the highest part of the island. We know that the water damage is extremely severe for the community.” – Principal Dyonne Anderson

This campaign will raise money for the schools so that they can support the very specific needs of their Aboriginal children. We will achieve this by:

Replacing books and library equipment

Replacing computers and software

Providing online tuition

We will now concentrate on sending books and library equipment to the schools and families most affected by the
flooding. Your support will enable us to provide important reading material so critical for primary school children.
Just $50 will allow us to send a box of books to one of the affected school or Indigenous family.

This campaign will also seek to provide schools and families with new or refurbished laptops and even link students to tutors through our partner needatutor.com.au. In some instances remote and regional schools will not be reopening for some time and in these cases the use of distance education may be critical in maintaining children’s literacy learning.

We hope you consider supporting this important work. Any contributions will be enormously appreciated and all donations over $2 are completely tax deductible.