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The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation and Principal Mrs. Tameeka Rush are excited to be introducing an After School Tutoring and Mentoring program at the Beaufort Primary School at the commencement of Term 1 in 2020.

This will assist Beaufort’s Indigenous students within the areas of most need of improvement, particularly literacy and numeracy.

The latest NAPLAN statistics show that the ‘gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous education has not shifted in the last two decades.

The ALF’s After School Tutoring and Mentoring Programs are aimed at raising Indigenous literacy levels by 2.1 reading years to that of the non-Indigenous population, and to be able to provide Indigenous students with the confidence to enter into secondary education on an equal footing.

When a student falls behind, catching up to their peers becomes increasingly difficult. Children will often become bored, discouraged or suffer from poor self-esteem or other negative attitudes that stem from “feeling dumb”.

We believe opportunities such as our After School Tutoring and Mentoring Program play an important role in keeping Indigenous students engaged in their education and the confidence to pursue further education or training.