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When making a donation to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation through GiveNow, it is now possible to create a gift card for your donation to send as a gift. You can use this to make a donation on behalf of another and send a card to them, and it can be personalised with a message.



The ALF has put its greeting card designs here for download so that you can make your own personalised cards using GiveNow.



To make the cards using GiveNow’s process, you can go to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation’s GiveNow page: https://www.givenow.com.au/aboriginalliteracyfoundation



After having entered your donation and contact details, you can click the button that says ‘Do you want to send a card with this donation’, seen below:

You can select the card to either be a printable file (that you can print and send in person), or an email that will be send to the recipient’s email address. 

The ALF has made its own greeting card designs available, which can be used for the card by clicking ‘upload an image’. The ALF card designs can be downloaded from the images below (click on the image for its full size, right click the image, and then click Save Image As):