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Books to the North

The current pandemic is having a restrictive effect on many northern communities with compulsory stay at home requirements. (Many families have not allowed to leave their general area). Schools and communities are especially affected and it is often impossible to purchase reading material and even magazines. The one hundred and fifty Aboriginal schools in Northern Australia supported by the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation would benefit greatly from special boxes of books and magazines. It is especially important to remember that for many small communities, the school library is the only source of reading material, and these are places often outside internet range and many hundreds of kilometers from the nearest major centre.

I am sure that you will want to help us in this important project, it is so easy to forget in our own lock downs, that remote Aboriginal communities are often suffering just as much and without so many of the supports we take for granted: Television, Netflix, YouTube, newspapers and magazines and all the other benefits we take for granted.

Donate onlineYour support can make a real difference during these difficult times. A donation as little as $30.00 can provide a post parcel with up to thirty books and magazines. Please support this really important initiative and help keep Northern Australia reading.