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Another huge week of book donations

Aboriginal Literacy Foundation wishes to acknowledge and thank the following Book Donors. Donors such as these keep our fabulously successful BOOKS FOR LEARNING program going from strength to strength.

Our first big thank you is to the kids and families of Anderson’s Creek Primary School in Warrandyte, Victoria. This amazing little school with only 325 students donated over 350 books! An amazing effort for such a small school. Our sincere thanks to all the School kids and their families and to Ms Elissa Nitschinsk (of the Library Staff) for helping our Books For Learning Program.

You will be happy to know these books will also be on the next delivery to Logan and Townsville, Queensland.

THANKS EVERYONE! For more information regarding the school please log onto


Thank you to The Wilderness Society (Victoria) for their recent donation of several hundred new books to the ALF. The Society collected these books during their 2014 Award for Children’s Literature program. In passing these books onto the ALF, the Society hoped these books would enhance young peoples’ appreciation of the environment and advance literature. And they surely will…

It’s fantastic to see such good quality books being shared between foundations. As such we send a big Thank You to The Wilderness Society. These books will soon seeing a new home in Queensland.

And lastly this week would also like to thank Ms Tegan Medcraft and the Kids & Families from Casa Bambini in Blackburn. The kids, families and staff collected over 75 books for the ALF.

A fantastic effort by all involved.

Thank you once again. These donations are the lifeblood of our BOOKS FOR LEARNING program and will help us this year send even more books out than ever before!