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Healthy Living Series feature

The Healthy Living books series © is a set of five early reading books that have been especially written and designed for young Aboriginal children. Using the phonics method, these books are set in the Australian outback, Aboriginal characters in each book explore themes related to healthy and happy lifestyles. Each book features beautifully painted and brightly-coloured Indigenous cover art which reflects the themes and subjects of each book.

So far to date we have sent out over 20,000 copies of the Healthy living series across Australia and every week the number continues to climb.

What We Eat

What We Eat – explains all the good and healthy things you can eat. It tells the story of bush tucker gathering and features different types of bush food and sweet berries. Yum! And this food is not only delicious, it makes you healthy and happy too.

Feeling Good

Feeling Good – focuses on all the things great and small that make you feel good. These include playing, running and jumping. You can also spend time with friends and family, and show kindness to each other. And don’t forget to smile! This story encourages sociable and friendly behaviour.


What We Smell – is about the special sense in your nose. The story shows how your nose can smell nice things like a rose, the hot earth after rain, or bush tucker being cooked on a fire. But your nose can also sniff out bad things like stale fruit… or smoke, which is a fire warning!

Safe Play

Safe Play – explores themes of playing safely and in a friendly way with friends and family. The story covers issues including crossing the road and playing carefully. It encourages you to share and be happy when playing with others.

What We Hear

What We Here – is about the importance of ear health and practicing hygiene to protect our hearing. Washing our hands and not touching our own or our siblings’ ears is a good way to stop preventable ear infections which can cause deafness!

 The Healthy Living Series is written and produced by Jennifer Cooper-Trent © Illustrated by Anthony Mitchell, Cover Art by Bibi Barba.