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Nadia L. King

You may wonder what an author in Perth, the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation and a Californian based independent press has in common. They’re all passionate about making a difference in the world.

These three entities have come together for the release of Nadia L King’s short story Disappointment. Nadia, a Perth based author, has nominated the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation to receive ten percent of profits from the sale of her short story.

Disappointment was released this January by Write Out Publishing, a Californian based independent press founded by writer Cory Martin. Cory has written for the popular US television series The OC and has authored a number of books.

Write Out releases a new short story to their website every month from a variety of writers, such as journalists to playwrights. Nadia is their first Australian author.

As part of Write Out’s mission, each author is asked to designate a charity to which ten percent of profits is donated.

“It might sound corny, but I really believe that we can write out the world’s problems one story at a time,” Cory Martin states.

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation’s mission is to increase literacy rates of Indigenous people in Australia. There is a marked difference in literacy rates between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Tragically, most Indigenous children in regional and remote areas struggle with literacy and fall far below national literacy standards.

“It’s brilliant to have the support of authors for the Foundation. Support from the wider community is vital to help us continue with our programs and to reduce illiteracy among our Indigenous population,” said David Perrin, CEO of the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.

“I’m really pleased Nadia has chosen to support the work of the Foundation,” David said.

Disappointment can be downloaded directly from Write Out’s website www.writeoutpublishing.com/products/disappointment



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Write Out Publishing is an independent press based in Venice, CA They have a strong commitment to supporting writers and charity.

Launched in 2015 with their short story series #tuesdayshorts, Write Out’s authors have written for highly regarded literary journals, created hit television shows, and authored a variety of novels, graphic novels, and how-to books.

All short stories and books can be purchased from their website www.writeoutpublishing.com with exclusive discount codes given to their Facebook and Instagram fans. The short stories are available as digital downloads and are delivered directly to the reader.

Ten percent of the profits from each short story or book goes to a charity of the author’s choice.

Author Bio – Nadia L King

Nadia L King was born in Dublin, Ireland in the 1970s. She was a rather tiny baby with a rather loud voice. She loved to scribble in her parent’s books and took a long time to learn to read. Once she got started, she didn’t stop. She reads voraciously and enthusiastically. She is an overexcited person who adores words and struggles with grammar. She inhales books the same way her Labrador inhales her dog biscuits. Nadia took a long time to write, life just seemed to have other plans. One day, Nadia felt her fingers tingle and there was a longing in her chest and she knew she had to write as if her very life depended on it. Now she writes every day.

Nadia writes short stories and a blog, which you can find at https://memopipwrites.wordpress.com/ and is an avid Instagrammer @memopipwrites.

Nadia lives with her husband, their children, their greedy Labrador and two cats in South Perth near the Swan River in Perth Western Australia.

Contact Nadia King

Mobile 0411 080 388

Email [email protected]